Saytue Saye here from Master Free Traffic. I want to make one thing clear, if you are a newbie, pay close attention to what I'm about to say.


Yep, you heard right, "the best things in life are always free"; and this goes for affiliate marketing. (I'll tell ya why in a minute)

I'm sure by now you are at a point where giving up is at its peak and frustration with this how to make money online thing is giving you a headach. Trust, I've been there. Every online marketer has. Truth is:

  •  Don't believe everything you see on the internet or tv

  • Don't get caught up into those flashy websites that promise you $25,000 in a week scam.

  • Oh, and most importantly, always remember that free stuff given to you by another affiliate or guru is given to you because "that's one of the best methods used to make money on the internet".

Might sound crazy, but let me break it down to ya. When affiliate rookies first start off, (I'm sure you can relate) it is mighty hard to get your first sale. Always too often, you're always selling something to somebody bold or your affiliate link is in your ads, or worst, you never had a chance of making money anyway because you chose the WRONG PRODUCT to begin with.

Being an affiliate is not an easy career, especially when you know nothing about marketing and finding profitable products to make money off of. If you are an affiliate, then you know how much time it takes to just to earn money. Truthfully, over half of affiliate are making no money for their time and effort.

Wouldn't it be a great deal if there was an affiliate program that could earn you recurring commissions just by your effort?

Holy smokes! It has a program like that? Oh Yes! I'll do the honor of telling ya all about it:)

It's called the Catalog System. Have you ever heard of Harvey Segal and Adrian Ling?

Harvey Segal is the owner of the ClickBank Guide and author of  Clickbank Super Tips.

Adrian Ling has expert knowledge of the technical aspects of the system and is the creator of the top-selling Clickbank affiliate management tool- easyClickmate

The Membership Package is a collection of products and services designed to help you become super affiliates - with opportunities also for vendors and even ebook authors and resellers

Best of all you can sell the Membership Package to others and get up to 60% recurring commission.

Why not sign up for a Basic membership right now and look around at what they offer. It's Free !

As a free Catalog affiliate all you need do to earn is recruit free
members then Harvey Segal Adrian take over with mailouts and follow ups
showing them the benefits of upgrading to the silver or gold
membership - which means monthly recurring commissions
flowing into your account.

ok, now back to the free stuff. Everybody love free stuff, I know you can agree to that, right? If you are a newbie, the best ways to get people to notice you is to give away free tools and ebooks. Why? Because, once you do sell to someone, they will be more excited to buy from you. Just because you are giving away free stuff, doesn't mean it doesn't have a value. So keep in mind what I just said and move over to the next page and get your gree gifts and start making money!

Who Is The Right Cadidate For Clickbank Catalog Affiliate Program?

Forum Owners

Ebook Creators

Software Creators

Internet Marketers via Affiliates

Just naming a few, but honestly, anyone who want to make money on the internet but don't know how to come about it will appreciate the Clickbank catalog affiliate program, because inside the program are 101 Super Tips, Forum Owner Super Tips, Success Forum, Viral Marketing Super Tips and all the JUICY stuff you need to earn and succeed online. And the best part about it...... You Get Paid Giving Away Free Stuff on auto pilot and they are rebranded with your affiliate link.

If that's not sweet, I don't know what is.

Go head, Join the Catalog Affiliate program and earn recurring commissions!

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Selling on The Net

Let me revolutionise your ideas about selling on the Net.

Suppose you stopped trying to 'sell' things.

In other words instead of telling visitors at your blog or
website or subscribers on your mailing list about the
latest wonder product you instead told them about

* some excellent free resources
* a free ClickBank affiliate program which paid recurring commission

I'm sure they would be delighted, however apart from
goodwill what would YOU gain by this ?

After all

* free resources won't earn you anything
* ClickBank is a one-tier affiliate system which means you

earn nothing from recommending a program to other affiliates.

Correct ?


It can be done.

Take a look here, in particular the line saying it uses
ClickBank but it does something that ClickBank can't do.

Go head, Join the Catalog Affiliate program and earn recurring commissions!

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